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Pippa Middleton admits her bum is nothing compared to Kim Kardashian’s

The Rear of 2014 award undoubtedly goes to Kim Kardashian

In a new article for political weekly The Spectator, 31-year-old Pippa Middleton admits defeat and says that, compared to Kim Kardashian’s famous backside, her own bum is simply nothing.

The sister of the Duchess of Cambridge is the owner of one of the most talked-about derrieres in the world. After wearing a tight-fitting dress at the Royal Wedding, Pippa Middleton became the talk of 2011.

However, she recently felt the need to stress that her backside is not comparable to the US reality TV star’s.

“The Rear of 2014 award undoubtedly goes to Kim Kardashian, after her posterior exploded all over the internet last month. I must say that mine — though it has enjoyed fleeting fame — is not comparable.”

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