Is Prince Charles kissing a boy? (photo)

Tabloid ‘Globe’ claims he is gay

Tabloid magazine Globe released a front page splash photo of man, resembling Prince Charles, with his back turned to the camera kissing a young man titled ‘Charles caught kissing Boy Toy’! The piece claims Buckingham Palace is in shock and now has to deal with another ‘gay’ scandal after Prince Harry.



According to the tabloid, the photo is evidence of Prince Charles’ s double life, while the front page also has sensational hits that read ‘Prince Disowned by humiliated Will & Kate’ and ‘Furious wife Camilla Demands divorce!’ The article reports that the leaked photo all but excludes any possibility of him succeeding his mother on the throne. It continues by claiming that Charles’s special sexual preferences are not a secret to the Palace, which is why Queen Elizabeth is unwilling to hand over the throne to her son, considering handing the crown directly to Prince William instead.


The Palace has not yet issued any statement on the front page, but will most likely demand a retraction. In the past the same tabloid had published another front page that read ‘Prince Charles is Gay!’.