Schauble: Greece must decide if it wants to stay in Eurozone

Denies US accusations of currency manipulations

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble said that whether Greece would remain in the Eurozone or not depended entirely on the country, adding that any talks on a possible debt relief on the Greek debt were not on the agenda at this stage. Talking to the German press Mr. Schauble pointed out that a debt relief would be possible only after 2018 and the adoption of more measures were deemed necessary. He continued by setting the completion of the second review of the Greek bailout program as the top priority. Commenting on Brexit the German politician predicted exit negotiations would be very complicated and prolonged, saying the end results would have to clearly illustrate the benefits of a country choosing to remain in the EU. Mr. Schauble also responded to US allegations that Germany was manipulating the currency to achieve surpluses, claiming there was no evidence bearing this out.