Study shows: The Germans are Greece’s best tourists

Who is going where? How long do they stay? How much do they spend?

The Germans have been proven to be the best tourists for Greece, based both on their revenues ranking among all countries as well as on the average spending per visitor. According to the Institute of the Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE), Greece’s most important markets for 2018, as the revenues show, are Germany, the United Kingdom, the US, France and Italy. In fact, these six countries, including Russia, constitute 41.5% of the total amount of visits, 49.7% of overnight accommodation and more than half (52.2%) of tourist revenues in Greece.

As for the most spending per night, it was reported by visitors from the US (89 euros), while the least spending per visit was reported from Germany (614 euros), due to the visitors’ long stay (an average of 8.8 nights).

The overwhelming majority (81.9% of visits, 86.2% of overnight stays and 88.1%) of revenues from the incoming tourism were mainly centered to 5 regions, namely the South Aegean, Crete, Attica, Central Macedonia and Ionian Islands.

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