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The mother of Marine Le Pen was a Playboy bunny!

After divorcing her husband because of his extremely conservative views, she posed for the French Playboy so as to ridicule her ex-husband!

The leader of the French far-right party, National Front, and winner of the European elections in France, Marine Le Pen, daughter of the founder of the party, despite her joy of the surprising high percentage her party took, she will definitely looking for a …burrow to hide since once again the naked photos of her mother were published.

Her mother, Pierrette Le Pen, after divorcing her husband because of his extremely conservative views, who was claiming that according to “traditional French values”, the woman is only good for “sweeping, mopping, washing and fulfilling her marital duties,” she decided in 80’s to pose naked.

So in 1987 when she was 29 years old she posed for the French Playboy in order to ridicule her ex-husband! In fact, she did not hesitate to … perform the role of the good housewife, who is both naughty and … sexy!












  • Sixt Rillion

    thats why the jews run porn – to violate christian culture, it must have been a dream come true to turn a rightwing goyim’s wife into a whore in public.

    sadistic freaks

    • sensiblesid

      Absolutely, Sixt Rillion, you are spot on.

      • Pierre

        spot on my ass…tsssss

  • Weezer

    29 years old in 1987 ?? that would mean that she was 10 when she had Marine in 1968

    • Froggy Ribbitt

      She is actually 52 on these pics.

      • Weezer

        I thought a bit younger late forties but I still would . Nikel for 52 or any age