The “Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei” claimed responsibility for the parcel bomb (Upd)

A dangerous provocation

(11:58′ Update) The “Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei” claimed responsibility for the parcel bomd sent to the German Finance Minister Dr. Schaeuble.

In a manifesto they released a few minutes ago, the claim that this action was the second phase of the “Nemesis” plan, as they call it, with the first phase being the bomb attack against prosecutor Tsatani last October. They go on, as they say, regardless of the fact that the “Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei” where included in the State Department’s and Europol’s lists of terrorist organizations.




The parcel bomb that was sent from Greece to the German Finance Minister Dr. Schaeuble had the name of the vice-President of the Greek main political opposition party New Democracy, Adonis Georgiadis, as its sender and it was sent from Greece. It may look like a nasty prank but the case is extremely serious.
Analysts argue that, whoever planned this terrorist act was targeting the German Minister the Greek politician, as well as the Greek-German relations.
It should be noted that on the same day the bomb was discovered, Mr. Georgiadis was also targeted, when a small incendiary bomb exploded outside of the book shop he owns in Athens.
Until now no one has claimed responsibility for this action.
In the recent past the Greek terrorist organization “Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei” had used the same method to attack their targets.