This is the missing British tourist on Greek island of Ikaria (photos)

She was reported missing by her partner

A 34-year-old British tourist who was reported missing on the Greek island of Ikaria by her partner has been named Natalie Christopher, as Skai TV reported.

Nearly 24 hours have elapsed since the British tourist disappeared on the island, with search efforts of her whereabouts so far yielding no results.

According to Skai TV’s report, the 34-year-old is an astrophysicist and arrived in Ikaria from Cyprus with her 38-year-old partner on August 3. She was described as an avid sports lover.

Natalie Christopher

The couple stayed at a hotel near the village of Kerame, and at 5 o’clock yesterday they were scheduled to fly to Cyprus via Athens.

Yesterday at 10 am, according to her partner’s police statement, the 38-year-old woke up and she was not in the room. The man contacted her and she informed him she was going for a jog.

In his subsequent calls, however, the woman was not responding, leading the man to report her disappearance to the local police station at 12.40 am. Search operations are ongoing.