US State Department denies there is a mediation initiative on the Greek-Turkish dispute

He told a Greek reporter that there was no involvement of the US to de-escalate tensions between Greece and Turkey

The US State Department did not confirm reports by a portion of Greek media about a US diplomatic effort to mediate between Greece and Turkey in the near future led by the head of US diplomacy Mike Pompeo.

Responding to a question by Greek reporter of ANT1 TV in Washington Thanasis Tsitsas, a US State Department spokesman once again kept a neutral stance on the Greek-Turkish dispute. Commenting on whether he could confirm or deny reports in the Greek media he said:

“We know about these publications. The United States is continuously committed to the governments of Greece and Turkey to encourage the de-escalation via the diplomatic path. We continue to urge our NATO allies, Greece and Turkey to work together to maintain peace and security in the region. We encourage countries to settle their disputes peacefully under international law and call on all parties to abstain from all actions that risk escalating tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean.”

A diplomatic source, cited by the ANT1 TV correspondent, also said that Deputy Foreign Minister Matthew Palmer’s trip to Turkey next month had already planned and, contrary to media reports, was not part of a mediation initiative. “There is no US mediation agreed, neither high nor low,” he told ANT1, noting: “Mediation does not work out well …”