Visitors to get free Wi-Fi at Greek museums and archaeological sites

Greek Ministry signs deal with provider

Twenty of the largest archaeological sites and museums in Greece will gradually gain access to advanced broadband services after the signing of a memorandum of cooperation between the Ministry of Interior and a mobile operator. The total deal is expected to cost €2 million with the aim of utilising technology to better showcase and promote the vast Greek cultural heritage and history.
The project includes the study, design and development of wireless network infrastructures at selected points by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the provision of the necessary equipment, the operation and maintenance of the networks, and the free provision of wireless Wi Fi internet for three Years. The Akrotiri archaeological site in Santorini, Delphi and Delos are expected to gain access to broadband WiFi, after the Byzantine and Christaian Museum in Athens and the Archaeological Museum of the Medieval town in Rhodes which already have fast internet. The next site to be covered by broadband internet services is the Acropolis. Access to faster internet facilities will allow museums and sites to develop new interactive methods of displaying artifacts and exhibits to visitors.

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