Yanis Varoufakis gives talks for just $60,000 + all expenses paid

Would you like Yanis Varoufakis to be a keynote speaker at an event? You can hire him for $60,000 as long as you pay for his business class air travel and first-class accommodation

Former finance minister Yanis Varoufakis may well maintain that he doesn’t get paid even for the use of his taxi when he travels abroad, however the truth is that he receives 60,000 dollars (53,000 euros) for talks on the disastrous state of the Greek economy.

At least, that is the fee that Proto Thema was able to negotiate with Tatjana Marinko from the London Speaker Bureau operating on his behalf. Pretending to be holding an event in need of Yanis, Proto Thema’s journalist Frixos Drakontidis set about negotiating terms for his speech at a conference in New York that was willing to pay $50,000. Here is the e-mail that Proto Thema got back via Oman:


Meanwhile, a university in Cyprus was willing to pay $1,500. Russia Today reports that the “political rock star” has a high price tag attached to his appearances and talks. Naturally, a figure of such high callibre wants to travel business class and stay at five-star hotels.

Noteworthy is the fact that payment is made by the London office to the HSBC branch at Oman.

Is he worth it? Yes! Because he leaves nothing to chance. Here are some of the questions that Marinko asked on behalf of Yanis so as to attend an event.


Leftist newspaper Avgi points to reportage by French TV stating that Varoufakis is willing to be a keynote speaker at events for $55,000 + all expenses paid, including business class travel.

Huge lines outside El Born in Barcelona just to hear Yanis Varoufakis speak

Huge lines outside El Born in Barcelona just to hear Yanis Varoufakis speak

His name is featured on the London Speaker Bureau list of keynote speakers of high rank.


Not only has Varoufakis not had to suffer from the consequences of Greece’s tough third bailout, but he is now making money from his involvement in Greece’s rollercoaster ride. As a golden boy of finances with political charisma, Varoufakis is wanted around the world with huge lines forming outside his conferences nomatter where they are.

It’s a ludicrous business for Varoufakis whose popularity as keynote speaker surpasses that of former prime minister George Papandreou – represented by the Harry Walker Agency – whose every speech is at just $46,000. Until now, Varoufakis claims to have attended 10 speeches and 30 conferences arranged by the London Speaker Bureau that means that he may have had a turnover of as much as 2.4 million euros!

Tatiana Marinko

Tatiana Marinko