14 Real photos that cannot be explained (EERIE PHOTOS)

There are still things out there we don’t know anything about…

Have you ever looked at a picture and found yourself unable to understand what was going on in it? Some pictures, when taken at the right time and place, can capture the unexplainable.


1. This eerie photo shows a woman posing for the camera with an almost barely distinguishable man looming behind her. According to the woman in the photograph’s family, the picture was taken sometime in the 1990s. The woman had just moved into a nursing home and her family helped her move all of her belongings into the residence. Before saying their goodbyes, the family decided to document the moment and take a picture of her before departing. However, the family claims that there was no one else around at the time that they snapped the picture. When the photo was developed, the family was understandably spooked when the noticed the man in the background. The family was not able to explain how this man, washed out and not in focus, ended up in the unmanipulated film photograph. It wasn’t until the photograph was shown to the woman in it that offered some sort of explanation. The woman claims that this mysterious man standing behind her was her deceased husband, who had passed away 13 years earlier.



2. Many people label this photo as a hoax, but it is still interesting. In this family photo, a figure can be seen hanging upside down from the roof. Some people have claimed that the person hanging from the ceiling is a spirit of the previous owner of the house.



3. In 1907, a group of 9 fishermen claimed to have caught a Cadborosaurus, a mythical sea serpent believed to inhabit the Pacific Coast of North America. The Cadborosaurus, also called Caddy, has supposedly been spotted in Alaska and even Southern California. Scientists have not been able to determine what type of creature is pictured in this photo.



4. This is a picture of the “Solway Firth Spaceman.” Taken in 1964, this photo shows a man, seemingly wearing a spacesuit, standing directly behind a little girl. Jim Templeton, a photographer and local historian, took this photo of his daughter and claims that no one was there with them that day.



5. In this photo, a Chinese archaeologist holds up a watch which has the time 10:06 frozen on it. The archaeologists had opened a tomb that was sealed for over 400 years. Sources say that the word “Swiss” was engraved on the back of the watch. Conspiracy theorists believe it may have been the work of a time traveler.



6. This photo shows a group of World War I soldiers taking a picture together. One man that appears in the photo, named Freddy Jackson, does not belong there. He had died only days earlier, and soldiers claimed that it was his ghost in the picture. In fact, Freddy’s funeral took place the very morning this photo was taken.



7. Norway’s Hessdalen Valley is infamous for its unexplained bright nocturnal lights, which appear in photos taken at the location. Scientists have studied the phenomenon for years, but are still unable to find the reason for why the 7.5-mile-long lights appear in the Hessdalen Valley in rural central Norway.



8. This photo was taken in 1964 by a couple who spotted an odd creature swimming in a lagoon. The strange creature looked like a gigantic tadpole and was estimated to be roughly 80 feet long. However, the creature remains a large unknown marine animal that no one has been able to determine.



9. In 1960, a dark and mysterious object was discovered floating in the earth’s orbit. Scientists could not decipher what the mysterious object was. Since then, several other similar objects have appeared in our orbit before vanishing altogether. This “Artificial Satellite” has become known as the “Black Knight” and has garnered interest worldwide.



10. In 1963, a reverend took a picture of an altar at a church in North Yorkshire, England. Upon developing the picture, he noticed a strange, demonic figure lurking on the altar. The reverend was sure that the figure was a Franciscan monk with a demonic face, although this has never been confirmed.



11. On March 13, 1997, the Phoenix lights were sighted in the skies in Arizona, Nevada and some parts of Mexico. The formation of the lights was extremely mysterious, and many believe that it was a UFO sighting. Those who saw the lights say UFO produced no sound and contained five spherical lights.



12. During the American Civil War in 1864, a group of American soldiers claimed that they had shot and captured an unnamed creature. The picture, which appears unmanipulated, shows the men standing proudly over their kill. Confusingly, this creature resembles a pterodactyl, a flying reptile that would have been well extinct by this time.



13. Can you spot what’s strange here?


At first glance, this looks like a regular photo of 4 boys having fun. Upon closer inspection, you can see an extra thumb behind the head of one of the boys. The thumb does not align with any of the other boys. The person who posted the photo online cannot explain where the thumb came from.


14. This painting is called The Madonna with Saint Giovannino is from the 15th century. However over Mary’s right shoulder you can see an object that is eerily similar to an UFO spaceship. Could this be a futuristic painter looking forward in time? Or had aliens already visited humankind by then?