Albanian absurdity: They are pressing charges against the dead Konstantinos Katsifas!

It is an unprecedented legal action, unique in the international legal system


Unbelievable! The Albanian prosecutor pressed charges against the…dead member of the Greek minority Konstantinos Katsifas, whose body -after six days- has not been given back to his family for burial by the Albanian authorities!

The charges are attempted homicide against police officers, illegal possession of weapons and illegal use of weapons.

In fact, the victim’s father, Ioannis Katsifas, was called to Tirana, not in order to take back his son’s body, but to testify for the specific case.

In his statements, the family’s lawyer Konstantinos Giovanopoulos points out that this is an unprecedented legal action, unique in its absurdity in the international legal system and he demanded the reaction of the legal community in Greece and Europe.

It remains unknown if the body of the Konstantinos Katsifas will be given to his family today or if the mockery by the Albanian authorities will continue, not only to cover up the case but also to prevent his funeral from turning into a protest of the Greek minority against the Albanian government’s machinations.