Armenian genocide memorial in France vandalised by pro-Turkish inscriptions (photo)

A police investigation has been opened

The genocide memorial and the national Armenian memory centre, near Lyon, were tagged in the night from Saturday to Sunday with pro-Turkey inscriptions and insults, denounced Sunday the Committee for the defense of the cause Armenian (CDCA).


These profanations were discovered Sunday morning by associative representatives, in Décines-Charpieu (Rhône), a high place of the Armenian diaspora in France. A police investigation has been opened.

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With the fluorescent yellow bomb, the two buildings separated by only a few metres were tagged with inscriptions “RTE”- an acronym of the initials of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan -“Gray Wolves”, an ultra-nationalist Turkish movement, and “Fuck Armenia”.

The CDCA and the House of Armenian Culture in Décines and its surroundings filed a complaint on Sunday with the Lyon prosecutor’s office for “desecration of monuments built in memory of the dead and “degradation“, their lawyer, Me Naïri Zadourian, told AFP.