Boxer brutally beats mother and police officers in Athens

The man was eventually arrested

An amateur boxer was arrested in Athens after in an outburst of rage attacked his mother and police officers who were arrived on the scene.

The incident happened last night in Chalandri and resulted in the injury of a woman and a police officer.

According to information, the amateur boxer, who is said to have been in a bad psychological state, broke out against his mother in a rather violent way. After an altercation with the woman, he proceeded to punch and kick her.

Neighbours who heard the woman’s screams panicked and called the police, with at least two patrol cars rushing to the spot a few minutes later. The officers attempted to intervene and calm him down, but he remained undefiant. He continued threatening the police officers and seconds later he attacked the officers. In the struggle the ensued he managed to take a baton from one of the officers which he used to viciously hit one of the respondents.

The policeman was injured on the head, resulting in his transfer to the hospital for first aid. Eventually, the officers were able to subdue the boxer with the help of other backup forces.

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