Covid-19 vaccination mandatory for Fire Services members of EMAK

Those who refuse will be rendered inactive

Vaccination with the Covid-19 jab will be mandatory for all members of the Hellenic Fire Services’ Special Disaster Management Units (EMAK) following a relevant decision signed by the Chief of the Fire Brigade, Lieutenant General Stefanos D. Kolokouris.

The document states that “after the notification of this order (s.s. to EMAK) only those employees who have been vaccinated will serve in them.”

The decision makes it clear that anyone who refuses to be vaccinated will be rendered inactive.

As explained by high-ranking officers of the Fire Brigade to in the 8 units of EMAK 400 people are currently serving- two of them women. In this service, vaccination for a number of diseases has always been mandatory for reasons of operational readiness given that they often travel around the world.

According to the order issued yesterday, those who serve in EMAK must be vaccinated, while those who refuse will be replaced and transferred to other non-operational fire services.

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