Dutch-Turkish girl finds out she is half Greek in DNA test! (hilarious reaction video!)

More questions than answers…

Online services for DNA testing appear to be growing in popularity across the world. There are numerous companies that can give people an idea of what their genetic makeup is going back eons. Some can actually offer their users data on genetic health risks while others help you connect with distant relatives. Once it arrives at the lab, your spit is typically subjected to what is known as admixture testing.

The specifics of your DNA are compared to a library of other DNA samples from around the world to determine from where the best matches arise. You are then provided a breakdown of your lineage into percentages associated with each of 20-35 geographic regions.

This level of information—possible ancestral connections quantified by probabilities—can be very helpful when tied to related, non-DNA-based investigations into family history. Sometimes, however, like in the case of this woman from the Netherlands of Turkish origin, it can be really surprising and even shocking. Look how Jale Betul Karaaslan reacted when she found out she was nearly half Greek! Her reaction when finding out is priceless!

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