EC to not renew AstraZeneca vaccines

The decision will take effects after June

Thierry Breton, the European Commissioner for the Internal Market stated today, Sunday, May 9, that the European Commission would not be renewing the contract for coronavirus vaccines with AstraZeneca after June.

This news comes only shortly after the European Commission started legal action against AstraZeneca as they had been said to not be honouring the contract for the supply of coronavirus vaccines, and that they also did not have a plan which was considered “reliable” to ensure deliveries were made in a timely manner.

AstraZeneca has not been able to deliver the number of vaccines that they had originally promised and so it is considered that they have not been compliant with their commitments to the European Union. It has been alleged that supplies of the coronavirus vaccine have been given on a privileged basis to the United Kingdom as reported La Vanguardia. It is believed that this is been to the detriment of citizens in the European Union.