EP Vice President Papadimoulis rents apartments via Soros NGO to refugees and illegal immigrants

The leftist politician appears to be profiting off his ideology and altruism

Dimitris Papadimoulis, SYRIZA MEP and European Parliament Vice President is earning more than €6,000 a month from the 15 apartments he is leasing to refugees and illegal immigrants via a George Soros NGO called Solidarity Now and Praksis in Kypseli, Patisia and Agios Panteleimon in Athens.

The 65-year-old experienced politician, who has been a prominent figure in the left for several decades, has emerged in recent years as a committed investor in real estate, having acquired 16 new properties at very good prices in 2018-2019, bringing his and his family’s acquisitions to a total 38.

The vice-president of the European Parliament has been a staunch supporter of open borders for immigrants based on his ideology, but the revelations that he is making a profit off illegal immigrants and refugees definitely sheds a different light on his altruism…

Some interesting points regarding his real estate business are the facts that he acquired the apartments below the objective values ​​that apply in the degraded areas of Kypseli, Patissia and Agios Panteleimon.
Secondly, he rented them almost immediately at prices that are above the average rent paid in those areas, where the majority of residents are poor immigrants or impoverished Greeks.

A further point worth mentioning is that he and his family have, apart from the massive investment in real estate, no other ties with either Kypseli or Patisia. The Papadimoulis family’s residence is in Neo Psychiko (a more expensive suburb in Athens), where the MEP’s wife, Nadia Soumbasaki acquired in 1990 two apartments of 96 and 49 sq.m., while in the basement of the same building they have two more apartments, 33.25 and 27.50 sq.m, respectively.