Golden Dawn leader and top heads of extreme-right party get 13 years in prison

The sentences were milder than expected

The Greek court sentenced the leading figures of the far-right Golden Dawn party, which was last week deemed a criminal organisation, to 13 in prison, while the aggregate years of all Golden Dawn members (ex-MPs, associates, supporters, etc) involved in a variety of criminal activities was 500 years.

Leader of GD Nikos Michaloliako, as well as prominent figures in the extreme-right party Lagos, Elias Kasidiaris, Giannis Lagos, Elias Panagiotaros, Christos Pappas, and George Germenis were handed 13 years in prison, while Artemis Mattheopoulos was sentenced to 10 years.

Roupaklias, the murderer of Fyssas was sentenced to life in prison. The sentences were “milder” than those proposed by the Public prosecutor.

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