Greek chefs urged to add venomous lionfish to menus?

Environmental groups have…a new idea


Environmental groups are urging chefs in Greece to begin serving venomous lionfish, which is now widely found in Greek waters as they say it’s safe to eat once its fins are removed, according to

The lionfish made its way from the Red Sea into the Mediterranean Sea through the Suez Canal and over the past few years, it has been widely spotted in Greece, Cyprus, Israel, Turkey, and Lebanon.

Also known as the devil firefish, it is said to be carnivorous and poisonous and can kill and eat a big number of native fish in the rocky areas of the Mediterranean Sea. It also endangers people: Its poisonous spikes cause pain, swelling, inflammation, and blisters if they puncture the skin.

The aggressive species prey on native fish and can reproduce at a sharp rate.

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