Greek Foreign Ministry: Turkish allegations for the dead in Evros are rejected – Turkey should guard its borders

The incident took place in the Turkish side of Evros

The Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs gave an answer to the Turkish allegations for an incident involving the death from shootings on the Turkish side of the border of a Turkish citizen.

Following a number of Turkish articles and Turkey’s decision to summon the chargé d’affaires in Ankara for explanations, the Greek Foreign Ministry refutes the allegations which are rejected in their entirety.

The chargé d’affaires in Ankara, following relevant instructions and responding to a relevant emergency protest demarche, to which she was summoned earlier today to the Turkish Foreign Ministry, rejected in their entirety the Turkish claims regarding an alleged incident in Evros.

She pointed out to the Turkish side the obligation of the latter to guard its borders and not allow human trafficking and illegal migration.

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The reports in the last hours by Turkish media say that a 43-year-old Turk lost his life from a shot received from the Greek side of the border in Evros.

Turkish media report on an incident that happened on Saturday on the bank of the river Evros, which is a natural border with Greece, near the village of Antasarchanli in Edirne. Antasarchanli is located just opposite the Greek village of Lagyna, north of Tycheros.

However, information from states that the incident took place in the Turkish side of Evros, in a place with very dense vegetation. They were smugglers and one of the two Turks involved was probably drunk.

The same sources emphasize that an investigation has already been carried out by both the army and the police, from which it does not appear that shots were fired from the Greek side.