Highlights from joint Greek-US aeronautical exercise (video-photos)

It took place south of Crete

A joint aeronautical exercise took place yesterday, Monday, in the framework of the ongoing military cooperation between Greece and the USA, with the participation of means and personnel of the two countries, in the sea area south of Crete.

The exercise included the Frigate (F / G) AEGEAN, Submarine (Submarine) Type 214 and six F – 16 Aircraft, while from the US side the Destroyer USS WINSTON S. CHURCHILL as well as Navy Helicopters of the two countries took part.

The exercise included co-operation in joint operational design, air defence, anti-submarine warfare, communications, information exchange, tactical image synthesis, advanced maneuvering and aircraft and helicopter co-operation.

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The exercise demonstrates in practice the long-term strong ties between the two countries, which have recently been steadily reinforced and have further contributed to increasing the level of operational readiness, combat capability and cooperation of the participating forces in both transnational and allied contexts.