Israel: Driver rams his car on protesters as new clashes break out in Mosque Square in Jerusalem (video)

Hundreds of injuries have been reported from the clashes

Stones, tear gas, rubber bullets again today as hundreds of Palestinians were injured in new clashes with Israeli police in East Jerusalem’s Mosque Square, following a weekend of violence in the holy city, according to first aid officials.

In the face of this escalation, a meeting of the UN Security Council on the situation in Jerusalem is scheduled for later today, at the request of Tunisia.

An Israeli driver rammed his car on a group of Palestinian as they attack his vehicle with stones:

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The recurrence of the violence coincided with the “Day of Jerusalem”, which marks, according to the Jewish calendar, the liberation of East Jerusalem.

Early in the morning, hundreds, possibly thousands, of Palestinians hurled objects at Israeli security forces stationed inside the Mosque Square, the third holiest site in Islam called the Temple Mount by the Jews.