Maria Sakkari: The balance between personal and professional life

The tennis player says personal happiness off the court helps her on court

“Personal happiness is a prerequisite for professional success”, says the most successful Greek tennis player ever Maria Sakkari.

The Spartan beauty, who became the first woman from Greece to make a major semifinal, was interviewed by Hello magazine after her great success at the Roland Garros and talked about her personal life and how she manages to balance the grueling demands of professional tennis at the highest level with her professional life.

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The 18th ATP ranked Greek said she believed that in order to strike a balance, a person must have a normal happy personal life. “This provides the strength and energy one needs to cope. Personal happiness is a prerequisite for professional success.”

The 25-year-old, who was recently reported to be in a relationship with the son of Greek PM said she felt happy off the court.

feature image credit Maria Sakkari Instagram