Models pose in…’birthday suits’ in Turkey during Ramadan (photos)

Only a few weeks after the incident in Dubai

The uproar caused recently by a nude photoshoot of models on a balcony in Dubai did not seem to deter another group, as they decided to pull off the same stunt in Turkey.

The models can be seen in a series of provocative nude poses on the boat Göcek Bay, in the middle of Ramadan.

Julia Vetrova, in a video she posted on social media, says: “As we know, it is better not to take nude photos in Muslim countries. We realised this after the Dubai incident on the balcony. But in reality, we have to make our own mistakes, to learn our lessons. And that is if you want to take a nude photo in Turkey or in another Muslim country, do not do it or do it with the utmost secrecy “.

She added that “we took pictures with the girls and they recorded us from another yacht. Somehow it ended up in a newspaper. We were called by the police. Everything is fine now, but we were interrogated and it was not very pleasant.”