Mythbuster: Men think more about football than sex, study suggests

Also, a large percentage of women said they did not have a G-spot

It’s a well-accepted idea that men typically think about sex every seven seconds.

But according to a new study that’s a myth – we’re far more likely to have football on our minds.

Some 64 percent of men think about football more than they do sex, with just eight percent of lads admitting they think about romping all the time.

The results are part of a recent survey by IllicitEncounters to uncover the biggest sex myths for both men and women.

It is often thought that blokes with large feet or hands will have a bigger manhood, but there is no scientific link between the two.

And 76 percent of men think the myth is rubbish, according to the survey.

Meanwhile, oysters might be a proven aphrodisiac to get you in the mood, but only 12 percent of lads polled said it has actually turned them on.

Another common misconception is that sex before sport will ruin your chances of playing well.

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Blokes reckoned it was rubbish, so as long as you’re not up all night and getting decent sleep, feel free to enjoy the night before a big game.

And it’s just not just men’s sex myths that were busted in the study.

Almost 80 percent of women said the G-Spot doesn’t exist.

In fact, only a fifth have actually located theirs – so don’t feel bad fellas.

And good news guys, women apparently also busted the myth that size really matters.

Three-quarters of women claimed technique is more important in achieving sexual satisfaction.

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