Natural gas price up by 91%, as inflation rose in past month by 1.9%

Fuel prices rose by over 17%

According to the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT), inflation rose last August by 1.9% compared to the same month last year, with a number of products that make up the so-called standard shopping basket recording substantial increases.

Natural gas increased by 91% and heating oil increased by 28.9% and fuel by 17.4%! Huge increases were also recorded in basic food such as fresh vegetables 21.5%, lamb and goat 21.5%, etc. The cost of fish also rose 8%, olive oil went up by 7.1%, poultry by 4.5%, cheese by 3.4%, etc.

In addition to food, the data showed that the cost of transport was also up, as airfares rose by (9%), while accommodation in hotels also spiked by 11.4%.

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