PM Mitsotakis on Bloomberg: Greece can achieve strong economic comeback in 2021

The PM took part in an online roadshow informing international business people about the opportunities in Greece

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis expressed his belief that Greece, after the successful management of the coronavirus pandemic, can achieve an “extremely strong recovery in 2021”, during his digital roadshow via teleconference for the international business and investment community organised by Bloomberg.

At the beginning of the teleconference, the Prime Minister referred to the successful handling by his government of the first phase of the Covid-19 pandemic, noting that there has been no significant outbreak since the economy reopened and stressed that the big challenge from now on was to overcome the economic storm, especially in tourism.

“Indeed, the last three months have been a huge challenge for us as well as for any country, and I am delighted that Greece has performed relatively well in dealing with the first phase of the pandemic. As Mr. Bloomberg noted, we took action very early on, listened to the experts we spoke to, and managed to convince our fellow citizens that it was in their best interest to follow the strict rules of social distancing we have put in place.”

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