The Karate Kid was Greek! -10 famous celebrities you did not know were Greek (photos)

Who could have known?

Many Greek migrants changed their surnames when they left their homeland to blend in easier with their new host countries. This is the reason that pinpointing the Greek roots of some of the second and third generation, or even more distant descendants was more difficult. Some of these “Greeks” went on to become household names in the entertainment industry and well-known celebrities. Here are 10 celebrities you might not know have Greek roots.

Jennifer Aniston

Her real surname is Anastassakis and her father, also and actor changed it. She is the goddaughter of Telly Savalas.

Billy Zane

His father was born in Mani and his mother in Chios. His real surname is Zanetakos

Tina Fey

The “30 Rock, SNL, Mean Girls, Date Night” actress’s mother is born in Greece. Tina’s full name is Elizabeth Stamatina Fey.

Tiffani Thiessen

The “Saved by the Bell” actress gets her Greek blood from her mother, who is also, Turkish and Welsh.

Kelly Clarkson

Clarkson’s mother’s side is Greek, while she is also of German and Irish decent. Clarkson has been vocal about her Greek ancestry, saying despite her multicultural heritage, she considers herself mostly Greek and can speak the language fluently.

Ralph Macchio

The actor famous for his role in the hit classic movie “Karate Kid” is one quarter Greek. Ralph’s father is half Greek and half Italian. His mother is Italian.

Betty White

She’s America’s “Golden Girl” who happens to be of Greek descent. Her mother Tess Cachikis is of Greek, English and Welsh descent and her father was of Danish and English ancestry.

Jamie-Lynn Sigler

photo credit the cosmopolitan of las vegas Flickr photostream

The former “The Sopranos” actress speaks Greek and Spanish fluently. Her paternal grandparents were immigrants from Greece and Romania and her mother is from Cuba.

Angie Harmon

Her father has German and Irish ancestry, while her mother is Greek.

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman’s great grandfather from his father’s side (Nicholas Bellas) was Greek.

Hank Azaria

Both his grandparents were born in Greece

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