This Boeing 727 lets passengers experience zero gravity by flying crazy maneuvers!

“You are now free to float about the cabin”

The realm of zero gravity has historically been reserved for astronauts as they explore the depths of space but one aviation company is offering the opportunity to become weightless while very much still in Earth‘s atmosphere.  The Zero Gravity Corporation, or ZERO-G, is the company behind “G-FORCE ONE,” a converted Boeing 727 airliner that can simulate the feeling of being in space through what’s known as parabolic flight.

While a traditional airliner might be focused on being straight and level, G-Force One pilots are focused on climbing as fast and high as possible before turning over, at which point the effect of gravity is reduced for a few seconds and everything on the plane becomes weightless.

The COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t stopped these flights, though additional precautions are being taken. ZERO-G recently came to the New York City region where it partners with Blade to offer a helicopter flight and the weightless experience all in one morning.

Take a look inside G-Force One and see how ZERO-G achieves the weightless effect that so many people crave, even during a pandemic.

Participants in the experience during our visit began their day early at New York City’s West 30th Street Heliport near Hudson Yards.

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