Turkish extremists “Gray Wolves” attacked Kurds in Lyon with iron baseball bats & knives

The Gray Wolves the Turkish extremist group affiliated with Erdogan were outlawed last November in France after incidents against Armenians

Four men of Kurdish descent were attacked with iron baseball bats at the offices of a local Kurdish organization in Lyon, on Saturday and the victims accuse Turkey’s “Gray Wolves” extremist organization.

“At around 2.30 pm, a Kurdish organization in the 7th district of Lyon was attacked by at least ten people. Four people were injured”, police said in a statement.

When the security forces arrived at the spot, the perpetrators had left the area. According to the authorities, the victims are all men, aged between 30 and 45.

In a statement, the Kurdish Democratic Council of France (CDK-F) claimed that, “Gray Wolves, wearing hoods and armed with iron baseball bats and knives, violently attacked our union in Lyon and beat its members. Four Kurds were in the offices and were injured by the dangerous men of Erdogan”.

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The Gray Wolves, the Turkish ultra-nationalist group affiliated with Erdogan, were outlawed last November by the French Interior Ministry after incidents against Armenians in the diaspora near Lyon.

The Kurdish group, whose members were targeted on Saturday, had officially complained to the French authorities two weeks ago that they had received threats and that the Gray Wolves had written threatening slogans at the entrance to their offices. The perpetrators had engraved the initials of the Turkish nationalist party MHP and the initials RTE, which refer to Recep Tayyip Erdogan.