Unique sight as sharks swim up close to fishing boats in Euboea (photos)

Blue sharks are found in the Mediterranean Sea

Fishermen in Amarynthos, Euboea, and Kineta were faced with a unique sight when some blue sharks swam up right next to their boats.

In Amarynthos, the blue shark was spotted under two fishing boats located in the area. According to the page “Fishing in Greece”, this species of shark is relatively common in our country but is under the threat of extinction in the Mediterranean.

Their populations are declining, mainly due to overfishing for their fins and meat.

A day earlier, at noon on Wednesday (26.05.2021) in Kineta, a fisherman saw a shark over five meters long swimming next to his boat, according to meteology.gr.

The shark did not even seem to be bothered by the presence of the boat. According to posts on the “Fishing in Greece” Facebook page, this is also a blue shark (Prionace glauca).

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