Global survey reveals “best lovers”, “worst lovers” and most romantic lovers in the world

Greeks are described as very romantic lovers, which is strangely seen as a bad thing

One of the most famous stereotypes in the world is that the French are romantic and excellent lovers. But how true is this cliché?

Global Search used a poll service and asked 15,000 “multiparous women” to evaluate the talents of 20 men of different nationalities with whom they had slept.

According to the poll, the French came in fourth on the list of the world’s best lovers, behind the Italians, Brazilians, and Spaniards. Unfortunately, the poll didn’t explain why the respondents considered the men from these particular countries to be good lovers.
An interesting finding of the poll was that it revealed who the women dubbed the worst lovers in the world and why.

The Germans topped the list as the worst lovers, who the respondents said: “were smelly” The Russians were “very hairy”, while the English were described as being “very lazy”. The Americans were “very wild”, followed by the Greeks, who were strangely described as “too romantic…as if this was a negative attribute in bed.

The 20 Worst and Best Lovers in the World

The Worst lovers

1. Germans – (They are smelly)
2. English- (They are lazy)
3. Swedes – (They are very fast)
4. The Dutch – (They want to be in control)
5. Americans – (Very Wild)
6. Greeks – (Very Romantic)
7. Welsh – (Very selfish)
8. Scottish – (Very vocal)
9. Turks – (Sweat a lot)
10. Russians – (Very hairy)

The Best lovers

1. Spaniards
2. Brazilians
3. Italians
4. The French
5. Irish
6. South Africans
7. Australians
8. New Zealanders
9. Danish
10. Canadians