Greek soldier praises Turkish nationalistic group Grey Wolves on his facebook page! (photos)

Third incident of anti-Greek sentiment in army

The Greek army it seems is “infested” with anti-Greek nationalists of various ethnic backgrounds. Following the two incidents with the 7 recruits that posted a photo on social media flashing the Albanian eagle hand sign and a similar case of a soldier in the special Greek forces (ELDYK) in Cyprus, a new troubling case has emerged. It involves an aircraftsman from the Muslim minority of Thrace, who was serving in the Hellenic airforce, posted on his Facebook page how proud he was to be a Turk, while expressing his admiration to a brutal extreme right nationalistic Turkish group called “Grey Wolves.” The man served in Tripoli and Elefsina, while in his most recent post on his Facebook page he said he felt fortunate to have born Turkish on the borders between Greece and Turkey. The Hellenic Army General Staff has launched investigations into the 2 incidents of the soldiers of Albanian origin.

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