Mitsotakis: Government’s attack against Greek income unprecedented

ND President says Greek PM will try to pervert reality

Speaking to his shadow Ministers, major opposition party New Democracy (ND) leader, Kyriakos Mitsotakis said Greek citizens were being subjected to the most vicious attack on their income ever. “Greeks have exceeded the limits of their fiscal endurance. They are not paying because they cannot”, Mr. Mitsotakis stressed, adding that an average Greek family will be forced to pay 6,000 euros until Christmas. The ND president said Greek PM Alexis Tsipras would attempt to embellish the situation at the upcoming Thessaloniki International Fair, while ready to impose measures worth 5.1 billions euros, which he had co-signed with his partner Panos Kammenos. Mr. Mitsotakis said Greece was moving at an extremely slow pace compared to the rest of Europe. He continued by promising to support the Greek economy.