New Erdogan war-cries: We will answer to Greece & the Greek-Cypriots as they deserve

Greece did not keep its promises, Turkish president says in speech to ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) parliamentary group

Oruc Reis has returned to its duties in the Eastern Mediterranean”, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said provocatively on Wednesday, accusing Greece of “failing to keep its promises in discussions on EU and NATO platforms”.

Speaking to the ruling Justice and Development Party parliamentary group, Erdogan said: “We will continue to give the answers that Greece and the Greek-Cypriot side deserve on the spot, they did not keep their promises in the talks that took place within the framework of the NATO and the EU”.

In fact, after last night’s non-paper by the Turkish Foreign Ministry and today’s statements by Erdogan, Turkey is trying to present Greece as the party responsible for the failure of exploratory contacts between the two sides, trying to justify Oruc Reis’ new illegal activity in the Eastern Mediterranean.

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He also announced that on Saturday he will go to the floating drilling rig “Fatih”, in the Black Sea, where he will announce new information about deposits that are said to have been found there.

Regarding Famagusta, Erdogan said: “The closed area in Varosha belongs to the Turkish-Cypriot side. That should have been known”.