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Sept. 20 elections: Meet the participating political parties

Greek voters are spoilt for choice

19 parties and 5 coalition groups have registered to participate in the upcoming September 20 elections. The 1st Section of the Supreme Court is expected to decide on which parties will take part in the coming elections.

The 19 parties and their leaders are:

1) Radical Left Coalition SYRIZA (Alexis Tsipras)

 2) Conservative New Democracy Party ND (Vangelis Meimarakis)3) Ultra-Nationalist Golden Dawn GD (Nikolaos Michaliolakos)

4) Centrist Potami (Stavros Theodorakis)

5) Greek Communist Party KKE (Dimitris Koutsoumbas)

6) Anti-austerity right-wing Independent Greeks (Panos Kammenos)

7) Union of Centrists (Vassilis Leventis)

8) Organizqation of the International Communists of Greece OKDE (Sofronios Papadopoulos, Sophia Theodoropoulou and Christos Zakas)

9) National Hope (George Papadopoulos)

10) Greek Popular Democratic Liberalization EL.LA.DA (Konstantinos Papanikolas),

11) Independent Renewed Left, Renewed Right, Renewed PASOK, renewed New Democracy, No to War, I offer Land, Cancel Debt, Save Lives, Panagricultural Workers Party of Greece PAEKE (Miltiadis Tzalazidis)

12) Political Faction of the Continuation of Kapodistrias (Michael Iliadis)

13) Organization for the Restructuring of KKE-OAKKE (Ilias Zapheiropoulos, Dionysios Gournas, Eleni Konstantinopoulou)

14) Joint Workers Front EPAM (Dimitrios Kazakis)

15) Left-wing Popular Unity (Panagiotis Lafazanis)

16) Institution (Spyridon Antoniou)

17) Democratic Party DIKO (Christos Anagnostou)

18) Liberal Dimiourgia, Xana! (Thanos Tzimeros)

19) Greek Movement of Democracy Direct (George Kokkas)