Severe weather warning: Heavy rain and thunderstorms forecast

The intense phenomena will start from the west of Greece

The Hellenic National Meteorological Service HNMS issued a severe weather warning for Tuesday night.

According to the latest forecast models, the weather will change rapidly from the evening hours tonight from the west, with the main features being heavy rains and thunderstorms which will reach the rest of the country by Wednesday and Thursday.

From Tuesday evening the Ionian islands will be affected and from late at night Epirus is expected to be impacted, while the phenomena will spread western mainland Greece (Sterea), and western Macedonia.

On Wednesday, in addition to the aforementioned areas, the central Sterea, Thessaly, the Sporades, gradually the western Peloponnese, central Macedonia and from the evening Macedonia, Eastern Macedonia and Thrace will also be affected from noon.

From Thursday afternoon, the Cyclades, Crete, the islands of the eastern Aegean, and the Dodecanese will also feel the effects of the phenomena. Eastern Sterea (including Attica), Euboea, and the eastern Peloponnese will be temporarily affected at noon. The intense phenomena from Thursday noon will ease off starting from the northwest.

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