Singer Ilias Vrettos says God saved him, after serious car crash! (photos)

Singer is in critical condition, but out of danger

“I am alive because God helped me”. This is what Greek singer Ilias Vrettos told his manager after the artist survived a serious car accident on Clean Monday morning. The singer is currently in General State Hospital of Nikea suffering from fractures in his arms, legs and pelvis.
According to the singer’s manager, the accident happened when a white car that blocked them off.

“It was a white car that cut them off, the girl was zigzagging left and right, lost control, the car capsized and fell on the side of Ilias because the girl has only one head injury”, manager Karagiannis told reporters.
Karagiannis said Ilias is conscious, even though he is in great pain.


“The car had become an amorphous mass of iron” added Karagiannis, who estimated that the most serious of the injuries, as doctors have told him, is that in the pelvis.

According to Mr Karagiannis, both Ilias Vrettos and the young lady behind the wheel were wearing their seatbelts and told him their car was not going fast.

As the head of Orthopaedics department at the General State Hospital of Nikea told reporters the singer suffered from skeletal injuries and at this moment his condition, as it was still early since the accident, could only be characterised as critical. He added that the patient was being constantly monitored auntie the passing of the initial crucial stage.

“For the potential surgery, we will be able to tell you over the next 16-24 hours when we have a clearer image. Any patient who is a victim of a traffic accident, ie with high energy injuries, is considered to be in critical condition for at least 24-48 hours”, the doctor said.