Statements by the Greek FM & the Greek minority in Albania about the developments in Himara

Albania is jeopardizing its European future

The Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Alexandros Gennimatas, made the following statement in response to a journalist’s question on the decision of the local authorities in Himara regarding the residential redevelopment programme:

“The Albanian authorities appear to regard the violation of the Greek minority’s rights as more important than the country’s European course.”

Press Release of the President of KEAD, Mr. Vangelis Doule on the developments in Himara:

On August 25th, the citizens of Himara were invited to participate in the non-scheduled and open meeting of the City Council regarding the general local development plan.

But instead of transparency, constructive dialogue and democratic decision-making, the participants faced a situation of unjustifiable blackmail on behalf of the municipal police and finally the suspension, and without any reason or pattern of the planned meeting.

Over the weekend, many of the participating citizens were summoned by the state police in violation of the legal procedures to “explain” their participation in the open council meeting they had been openly invited.

While today, in violation of the deadlines and against the law that regulates the functioning of local government, the City Council meeting is called again on August 30, this time not at the headquarters of the Municipality but in the village of Koutsi.

Firstly, we must once again point out that these actions aim exclusively at confiscating in every way and form the property from the legitimate owners, at the expense of the indigenous residents of Himara and in favor of the oligarchs but also of Rama’s clients’ interests.

Secondly, these actions are indisputable proofs that demonstrate in the best way the insidious true purposes concealed behind the recent territorial and administrative division of Himara.

Thirdly, we appeal to the accredited ambassadors in our country, especially the representatives of the USA, the EU, the OSCE and the Council of Europe, to turn their eyes and attention and to help bring to an end the incomprehensible injustices against the historic community of Himara. Such attitudes, methods and actions have no common reference to the rule of law, our European civilization and our western civilization.

Finally, how can any responsible citizen “sleep quietly” about the fates of the democracy in our country, when an entire community is treated with policies that have nothing to do with democracy? Especially when these policies are being encouraged and their implementation is directly supervised by the Prime Minister of the country?