The pictures that marked the strongest “players” of 2015

Angela Merkel’s selfie with refugees, Obama’s ice cream and FEMEN protester’s attack to Draghi are among the pictures of 2015

Some images that political leaders would like to forget, since they are shown in awkward moments. Angela Merkel’s selfie with refugees, Obama’s ice cream and FEMEN protester’s attack to Draghi are among the pictures of 2015.

1. The thong that attacked Draghi

On April 22, 2015 a 22-year-old FEMEN protester caused panic attacking Mario Draghi with confetti. She jumped on the table where Draghi was sitting for the press conference and threw confetti at him protesting about EU’s policy. “I jumped towards Draghi and they looked at my thong,” she wrote on twitter.

2. Merkel and refugees

The Iron Lady of Germany opened her arms to refugees who rushed to repay the kindness asking her to take a selfie and she responded positively, posing with a smile.

3. The eagle and Trump’s forelock

The candidate for president of the USA, Donald Trump, posed with the bald eagle, the bird-symbol depicted on the country’s coat of arms, for The Times last August. Although, Trump was very cooperative the bird seemed to be quite untamed.

4. Hollande on the aircraft carrier

French president Francois Hollande visited the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle reassuring French citizens that France takes an active role in fighting Islamist terrorism after the bloody attacks of November 13.

5. Sexy Putin

Fans of Russian President Vladimir Putin can have “the whole year with the Russian president” since a new limited edition calendar for 2016 is released in Russia showing Putin half-naked, fishing, hunting and in many other poses that emphasize how strong and tough he is.

6. Hillary Clinton, candidate and grandmother

The wife of former US president Bill Clinton is doing everything she can to get more votes for the presidential elections to be conducted in 2016. After the facelift she made, Hillary Clinton took her grandchild for a ride.

7. A punch in Rajoy’s face

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy was punched in the face by a teenager that marked his election campaign, but failed to move the Spanish in December’s elections.

8. Canadian Prime Minister’s tattoo

The youngest prime minister in Canadian history, Justin Trinto, managed to charm his fellow citizens with his well-fitted body and his tattoo. Justin Trinto played boxing and did a striptease for a good cause in a 2011 charity gala winning the sympathy of the women.

9. Obama and the ice cream

Barack Obama, who continues to maintain its profile as the coolest president in US history, was seen eating with gluttony his favorite ice cream.

10. Carrying out the Ukrainian Prime Minister

During the speech of Ukraine’s Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk, a Ukrainian MP after giving Prime Minister a bouquet of roses, he tried to carry him off the stage.

11. Alexis Tsipras’s knowledge of English language

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras found it difficult to understand Bill Clinton and was laughing awkwardly showing that he could not understand the questions asked by former US president.