Albania persecutes murdered Katsifas’ family while extensive looting against the Greek minority is unchecked

The indigenous ethnic Greek minority in Albania is subjected to a continues “velvet ethnic cleansing”


The family of the murdered Greek by the Albanian police, Konstantinos Katsifas, are being summoned by the Albanian prosecutor with the accusation of “illegal construction work”. The persecution concerns the small chapel that the family wanted to place on the mountain, at the place where their son was murdered by the Albanian Police Special Forces, on October 28, 2018, the Greek National Day, because he wanted to decorate his village of Viliarates with small the Greek flag as he did every year.

According to information from, a few days ago, Konstantinos’ father, Giannis Katsifas, together with the president of the village of Vodristas, who had the initiative to help the family in the construction of the small chapel in memory of Konstantinos, went for questioning to the prosecutor.

It should be noted that after more than 20 months since the murder of Konstantinos Katsifas, the Albanian authorities have yet to issue the official report regarding the incident.

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Meanwhile, the Greeks in minority villages in the southern part of Albania, also known as Northern Epirus, are being targeted as robberies, home invasions and looting continue unchecked.

In fact, according to local sources, the authorities in Albania police are unwilling to defend the property of the members of the Greek minority.

Indicatively, it is reported that only in the last two nights in the village of Krania in the municipality of Finiki, gang members raided five houses from where they removed everything they found in them and after loading them in cars they disappeared.

According to the village mayor, Iraklis Kitsios, neither the state nor the municipal police, despite repeated reports and protests from the villagers, showed any interest whatsoever.

According to the residents of the village, but also others in the rest of the minority areas, the lootings of their houses have as an ultimate goal to intimidate the indigenous Greek minority and force them to leave their homes as part of the wider Albanian “population replacement” plan.