Arcadia Classic Tour: May 29-30 (videos-photos)

…et in arcadia ego

It all started in 2015 by the romantic company of TRISKELION…

The first Arcadia Classic Tour had only 30 crews. None of us had imagined it would grow to include…111 crews!

The shock of the second lockdown had frozen racing. We thought that we should offer the small community of the classic cars lovers a carefree, beautiful and safe in all respects couple of days.

The only way is the cooperation with ELIA, which is methodically trying to build something beautiful in Patras in recent years. We owe them a lot and the truth is that we have achieved a lot together. The idea of ​​starting from Patras and the beautiful area of ​​the Marina remains attractive.

Together with the children of ELIA we took the risk of starting again at a distance from the center which is Athens. A risk that justified us for the second consecutive year, since on Tuesday, before the race in which the participations were closed, we reached the record number of 111 selected crews with respective separate vehicles!

Trying a new route outside what was usual was the next problem to be solved. The heat of May did not discourage us and after our departure from Patras at 13:01, we passed the old route that connects Patras with Kalavrita.

First Accuracy Test in Kalanistra. Driving through the mountain passes for the second Test, the well-known from the AOP, Kombigadi. Exciting welcome from the community in Manesi and the cultural association there that offered local wine and delicacies. We thank them warmly!

Continue with the third Test in Lapata and then arrival in Kalavrita. Then the fourth Accuracy Test and the fifth and last, the Kyra Bridge before Dimitsana and the finish of the 1st Leg.

Race for the timely issuance of the results (the transmission and issuance for 111 vehicles was a feat) and then free time for everyone.

We were pleased to see Dimitsana brought to life by the participants and the executives of the organization while the locals are smiling after a long while…perhaps the biggest reward!

Sunday started at 10:01 where the start of the 2nd Leg was given. Stemnitsa, Lykochia and Arkoudorema are the first 3 routs. One stop in the mythical village of Theodoros Kolokotronis, Limovitsi before the homonymous 4th rout.

Another surprise awaited us there. On the initiative of Mr. Vassilios Kottis, Head of Motor Sports of the Municipality of Tripoli, all participants were given souvenirs for the 200 years of the revolution.

Continue with 5th and last rout to Alonistaina and return to Dimitsana. Finishing after 13:00 in the center of Dimitsana at “Cafe Antika”.

The award ceremony at 15:30, in the center of Dimitsana with the Director of WURTH (our big sponsor) Mr. Antonios Batzis giving the prizes to the distinguished and medals for all participants.

Smiles from everyone was our prize as well as

the renewal for our established “Arcadian” appointment in 2022.

A big thank you from the organizing committee to all the Sponsors and Supporters of the event!

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