BBC puts “woke” warning message on Blackadder & Fresh Prince of Bel Air about “discriminatory language”! (video)

That’s not a cunning plan…

The BBC has slapped warnings on episodes of Blackadder and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air because of jokes which viewers may find offensive.

Fans watching the comedies on iPlayer will now be greeted with a message at the start of the offending episodes.

Blackadder, first aired in 1983, uses a slur in its second episode which the BBC decided warrants the warning.

In the episode, Rowan Atkinson’s character clashes with Dougal MacAngus who has just returned from the Crusades and is awarded Blackadder’s land as a result of his good service.

Blackadder says: ‘You come in here fresh from slaughtering a couple of Chocos when their backs were turned and you think you can upset the harmony of a whole kingdom.’

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The slur, derived from chocolate to describe a black person’s skin colour, landed football pundit Richard Keys in trouble when he used it to describe a player in 2011.

Another episode of the sitcom also uses a derogatory term for a Spaniard.

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’s Reunion episode, filmed last year, also contains a warning at the start of the show.

The message says: ‘Contains discriminatory language which some viewers may find offensive.’

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