Erdogan top adviser: We will go to war with the US

He spoke to CNN Turk

A top foreign and security policy advisor to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Mesut Hakkı Caşın, estimates a war between Turkey and the United States could break out.

Speaking to CNN Turk, where he appears on a regular basis, he analysed his far-fetched positions, predicting that Turkey and the US would be at some embroiled in a military conflict in Syria because of Washington’s support for the Kurds. He explained that Ankara was not reacting now due to financial difficulties and the upcoming elections.

“We can not enter Syrian airspace. On this side are the Russians and on the other side are the Americans. Why? Because the Americans did not cede this area (which is controlled by the Kurds) to us. They developed Patriot radar systems there. They are threatening us. It is clear that the Americans do not understand how to conduct military operations. The terrain there is flat. If the Americans dare to go to war with us, we will strike America. The President has already told us. I was in the Presidential Palace when the President [Erdogan] said, “If you (the Americans) do not withdraw your soldiers, we will open fire on them.”

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