French Media: France lends to Greece two state-of-the-art frigates

What was discussed about the Rafale

Information about two state-of-the-art frigates that France will lend to Greece is published by French media.

The issue seems to have been discussed in a telephone conversation between Defense Minister Nikos Panagiotopoulos and his French counterpart Florence Parly.

The information refers to two French FREMM frigates, built respectively as “Alsace” and “Lorraine” in 2019.

Currently, the frigates are in the final stage of testing and have state-of-the-art area air defense systems, which interests the Hellenic Navy. They also have an excellent performance in the anti-submarine war.

At the same time, they have a speed that reaches 27 knots while they can carry systems that the navy wants and for which they have also discussed the Belharra frigates.

However, the information is not confirmed by the Ministry of Defense, nor is it refuted, with senior executives stating that everything is still under discussion about what will finally happen.

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What was discussed about the Rafale

The two ministers also discussed the 18 Rafale that Athens is interested in. The ratio of new to used jets has not been finalized yet.

They also discussed the doctrine of defense assistance, which provides for military support from one country to another in the event of military involvement.

The two ministers also spoke about the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle and the possibility of conducting joint exercises when it is in our region, in the Eastern Mediterranean.