Greece and Italy top European picks for American tourists

The opening up for American visitors played a key role in their choice

Italy and Greece are the top two choices in Europe for American travellers this season, according to a report by

As Claire Schoeder of Elevations Travel, a subsidiary of Signature Travel Network, says, Italy and Greece are currently their largest markets, while France does not seem to be following. He attributes this preference to the fact that the two Mediterranean countries were the first European countries to announce that travellers from the United States are welcome.

Richard Turen, CEO of Churchill & Turen, says he sees the highest demand in 30 years these days.

Apart from Greece and Italy, his office also deals with Spain, with the first destinations being Barcelona, ​​Madrid, and San Sebastian.

Laura Madrid, a partner of Travel Experts, also says that her office has several clients going to Greece, Iceland, and Croatia, while last-minute bookings are recorded for Spain, Italy, and France.

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