Greek Parliament ratifies Defence Treaty with France by large majority of 191 votes

SYRIZA voted against the agreement

The Greek Parliament in a Plenary Session ratified the Greece-France defense treaty on Thursday with a large majority of 191 votes in favour.

The deputies of the Parliamentary Groups ruling New Democracy (ND), Movement for Change (KINAL), and the Hellenic Solution voted in favour of the agreement, while 109 from SYRIZA, KKE, and MeRA25 voted against. Independent MP Konstantinos Bogdanos also voted in favour, as did Konstantina Adamou, also an independent member of MEPA25.

Earlier, during a heated debate between political leaders, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis attacked Alexis Tsipras for his choice to vote against the bill and called on him to clarify whether he would repeal or change the agreement if he was voted in office.

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