Kristyna Schickova: The beautiful sister of Czech football player Patrick Schick (photos)

“DiCaprio took me out to dinner, he was the gentleman…”

Footballer Patrick Schick may have turned the spotlight on him after the incredible goal he scored against Scotland for Euro 2020, but the public has been conquered by his beautiful sister.

We are talking about Kristyna Schickova, whose sensual poses and shapely body have won her many fans, despite the fact that she is now a mother and has left the catwalks.

In the past she had collaborated with important agencies, with Victoria Secret being the first and best of course.

In fact, in 2013, she was a candidate for the title of Miss Czech Republic, but at the very last moment she gave up everything and went abroad, specifically to America.

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Leonardo DiCaprio and Jon Bon Jovi, apart from the two most important acquaintances she made, were probably “victims” of her beauty, as she reveals in an interview with LP Life.

“In America it is common to see celebrities. Leonardo took me out to dinner, he was a gentleman. He was interested in me, he was asking me things. I’m glad I met him, but no one believes me if I tell him that I had dinner with him. I have nothing else to say”, Christina states without clarifying if there was any erotic interest…