Portland wants to vote on Texas trade ban over abortion law!

The City Council will vote Wednesday on an resolution that will ban the purchase of goods & services from Texas


In an unpresidented move in the history of the USA so far, the City Council in Portland, Oregon wants to vote Wednesday on a resolution that will ban the purchase of goods and services from Texas. This comes as a response to a new law there prohibiting most abortions in Texas.

The emergency resolution, if passed, would also bar city employee travel to the state!

Mayor Ted Wheeler’s office said Friday in a news release that the resolution would be in effect until Texas either withdraws the abortion law or it gets overturned in court.

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The new Texas law prohibits abortions once medical professionals can detect cardiac activity, at around the sixth week of pregnancy.

The Supreme Court’s decision this past week not to interfere with the Texas law has provoked outrage from liberals and cheers from many conservatives.